Pastor Hastings Salanje Suspends Prophet Austin Liabunya From Preaching The Gospel


Malawian South African-based Pastor Hasting Salanje of God’s Chapel international has said he has banned the controversial prophet Austin Liabunya leader and founder of the Newly Believers Gospel Embassy International from ministering the word of God.

The two men of God engaged into ‘holy war’ after Liabunya gave a prophecy regarding Salanje’s future in Malawian politics as he (Liabunya) urged Salanje to stick to preaching the word of God as he will never become the president of the country.

While responding to Liabunya, Salanje called him a fake prophet adding that it is God’s calling for him to become Malawi’s president in 2030. Salanje then asked Liabunya to stop prophesying lies.

Yesterday, Liabunya took to his social media responding to Salanje as he questioned who Salanje is and he further alleged that when a man of God starts descending to politics it is an indication that his anointing is coming to an end.

According to Liabunya, Salanje would have been hyped if he could have prophesied something positive, adding that he (Salanje) would have regarded Him as a true prophet sent by God.

Writing on his social media, Salanje has said allowing Liabunya to continue lying and disrespecting elders in the name of God “we will have a great sin before God, this boy is disrespecting God and elders of the Gospel in our presence and we are just watching.”

“Yesterday he asked me that WHO AM I, he said joining politics is a sign that anointing is ending. Well my name is HASTINGS SALANJE in case you don’t know and I carry more anointing with high spiritual ranks today than yesterday but to prove it I will test it on you,” said Salanje.

According to Salanje, he has decide op suspend Liabunya from the work of God form today until 2031

“Because you have decided to challenge me, I Hastings Salanje the servant of the living God suspend you reyabuya (Liabunya) from the work of the Gospel from this day of 7th September 2021 to 31th December 2031 night, I give you a suspension of 10 years and if you behave well the suspension will be lifted up after 10 years,” he said.

Salanje then listed the following to happen to Liabunya in the 10 years of his suspension…

(1) You will not be allowed to lie or prophecy in public using the name of God, Jesus or the Holy Spirit, I charge two Angels to block you from using or misuse these names, any time you want to use these names these Angels will twist your mouth and mind until you are embarrassed in public.

(2) I Hastings Salanje charge people to hate, disrespect you and whatever you say in the name of God, people will leave you and abandon you until you are left alone including your own family.

(3) I Hastings Salanje put enmity between you and Money of any currency, you will be broke until you fail to buy data for you to come live and lie to people in the name of God.

When these things happen then you and other people will know that God has spoken to me and that there are other people in this world you don’t touch. Reading the same Bible does not mean that all of us are the same, so let it be done amen and amen.

Those that you will have doubts about this, wait until it start manifesting then you will know that am a prophet of God.


Liabunya is yet to comment on his suspension.

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