Merely decades ago, learning new things was a bit more complicated and difficult than it is now. Before technology started developing, and before we all got the internet, we acquired knowledge in more traditional ways. All we had was our schools and other people to rely on to provide us with necessary information. We used to go to libraries to do more research on things we wanted to learn, we had to ask people who might know something on the desired topic or visit scholars and academies if we needed information for our research.

However, with technological developments and with the internet we have today, things are a bit different. Today, knowledge is available more than ever. We still got to go to schools, visit libraries and rely on traditional ways of learning, but technology has made those processes faster, and it acts as a nice facilitator and support. Besides that, those who don’t have the necessary facilities and schools in the region they live in, still can hop on the internet and find the information they need or even an online course. So, let’s see how exactly technology and the internet have made knowledge more available.

Increased Self-Learning

The most obvious change technology brought is that we became more self-sufficient learners. Knowledge isn’t reserved anymore only for those who can go to schools or colleges, it is available to anyone and everyone, everywhere. To access certain topics or study something very specific, you don’t have to be associated with a university anymore or have a large number of books. All you need is internet access and motivation to learn from trustworthy sources.

What is more, the internet made many books, scholarly articles, and other valuable materials available to the general public. For example, when doing a study, you can either read a scientific article online, download it, or kindly ask the authors to send over a copy.

That being said, today, the internet is the ace up your sleeve. You can use it to try to learn on your own – either through self-induced research or by attending online courses.

Learning 24/7

Now that technology has made knowledge available, we can learn all day if we want. The information is always available, and we don’t have to rely on rigid school schedules. We can plan our own day instead.

This is especially great for people who work 8 hours a day and still want to go to courses or learn new things. Another reason why this availability is great is that someone learns better during the day, but some people learn better later at night. Meaning, people can create their own learning schedules and simply sit in front of the computer whenever they feel eager to study.

Versatility of Sources

Just like technology made knowledge more accessible, it also made the sources versatile. There is certainly something for everyone on the internet, and it can help you find your best and favorite medium for learning.

For people who love following structured classes, there are various online courses and academies where you can enroll and finish the course either on your own or follow classes. There are academies such as Udemy and Khan Academy where you can pick courses on any topic. At Udemy, you can learn some new skills regarding the most wanted job professions like developers, programmers, level designers, and so on, while at Khan Academy, you can learn more about subjects you would usually take at school or college.

Besides structured classes, the internet itself is a big source of information. For all people who love learning on their own, or simply need quick access to some tutorial, there is always YouTube. This platform is not only for music anymore, and today you can find valuable information on how to do things yourself to create something, build something, learn new skills, or whatever you want. YouTube can be used for learning so many new things, especially trends in technology.

Using YouTube, you can even learn how to be a pro gamer and learn how to play Dota 2, LoL, WoW, Elder Scrolls, and many other competitive games. Plus, by following different casino streamers and podcasts like Gambling Channel or VegasLow Rider, you can learn how to play online games for real money. This way you can significantly shorten your learning process.

Creation of New Jobs

Not only has technology made knowledge easily accessible, but it also has created new vocations. New professions emerged from the development of technology, and today we have thousands of professionals that are needed every day. Such new professions include engineers, developers, web designers, marketing specialists, gamers, online streamers, and many many more.

Plus, with the accessibility of knowledge, everyone can successfully pave their way to almost any career there is. All you have to do is have access to the internet, some motivation to learn new things, and you are set to go on your career journey.

Even though technology and the internet we met with skepticism at the beginning, today we see how valuable they are. Thanks to technology we have all changed the way we learn new things, how we access information and how we use it. It is truly a great era for learning.


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