An alarm has been raised of a young Malawian lady who is believed to be plotting of taking her own life following the WhatsApp statuses she is updating.

According to a Facebook post by Social Commentator Gerald Chavez Kampanikiza which was sent by a concerned person, the lady who might be in her mid 20s is identified as Judie Mabvazika.

The concerned person is asking people who are close to the lady to check up on her as she is posting pictures of herself resting easy.

“Please help, I am reaching out to you so that you may help me find some girl pa fb her names Ruvarashe Ave mava… or Judie Mabvazika as her real names. I’m told she wants to commit suicide as she’s posting ma status of her resting easy🤦🏼‍♀️I’ve tried everything and ndavuka I can’t find any trace. Anyone close to her please check her,”

After she posted a picture of herself to rest in peace, she then updated another one telling those showing sympathy that she does not need their comment.

Reacting on the matter, some are saying that a person plotting to commit suicide does not announce adding that she is not really contemplating on taking her life but rather she is seeking someone to comfort her.

Mental Health is vital, Depression is real, always check up on your loved ones.

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