Pastor Hastings Salanje of God’s Chapel has said the suspension of Prophet Liabunya from preaching the word of God for the next ten years was well handled in heaven on the night of September 7, 2021.

According to Salanje, God showed him how the matter was discussed in heaven and how the verdict was passed and why.

“Is very fascinating to know how the case of suspension was handled in Heaven on the night of 7th September. God opened my eyes and i watched how the matter was discussed in Heaven and how the verdict was passed and why,” said Salanje.

On September 7, Salanje took to social media announcing that he has suspended Liabunya who is the founder and leader of Believers Gospel Assembly popularly known as Seer 1 by his followers from the pulpit for the next ten years.

Earlier Liabunya had prophesied that Salanje’s interest to run for the country’s presidency is mare dream as it will not come to pass therefore urging his fellow man of God to stick to preaching the word of God.

In response, Salanje branded Liabunya as a fake prophet and told him to back off as he has no right to prophecy over his life adding that he is his own prophet.

Writing on his official Facebook page, Salanje said he will share how the matter was ruled in Heaven court on Sunday afternoon.

“Those who want to know how the court of Heaven ruled about the matter and how they passed judgment, then join me on Sunday as I will share about it live on Facebook,” he said.

According to Salanje he is speechless upon seeing how God can judge issues “especially the wisdom in passing the Judgment is very fascinating.”

He added; “Can’t stop to thank God for the favor and the honor that he has given me, to God be all the glory amen.”

Despite suspending Liabunya from doing anything regarding God, the prophet has been delivering prophecies and he is still praying for people who are reaching out to him seeking his help.

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