In an interview done by Switch television earlier today, a man named Dennis shared his experience on how his ex-wife left the home one day and would never return.

Dennis is a single father of three children and he has been raising them alone for the last nine years after his wife cheated on him severally, he forgive her but she later left him with their three kids after he lost his job and got married to another man.

The man began by mentioning that in 2011, he worked at a dentist laboratory. The business was doing well, and he could provide for his family before he got divorced. He and his ex-wife had been married for nine and a half years. They already had a large family of three children.

Then, all of a sudden, his employer decided to make a career move and stopped practicing dentistry altogether. Dennis was out of a job as a result of this. His wife was a stay-at-home mother with no Job.

Photo credit: YouTube/ Switch television

As a result, he claims that when his wife learned of his job loss, she simply packed up her stuff and left the house. Her departure was on purpose, as it turns out She had been found cheating multiple times, but Dennis says he still opted to forgive her since the family unity was more important to him.

Even the night before she left, the wife had a dream in which she saw a black polythene bag containing clothes and questioned aloud whether her husband intended to divorce her. Dennis says he asked her to pray about it.

Photo credit: YouTube/ Switch television

Her dream came true as his wife packed up their belongings and left in a black polythene bag. The couple had planned to get married on their tenth anniversary, but she fled just six months before the big day.

Dennis has now been a proud single father for nine years after his ex-wife married someone else.

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