A 32 year old Zambian man has been divorced by his wife after he was caught grinding his late brother’s wife in his matrimonial bedroom.

According to Kettie Mfune a wife to Samuel Siwale, the two started seeing each other after the death of Siwale’s brother.

Mfune narrated that after the incident, she sought reconciliation in the local court but her husband has continued seeing her late brother’s widow.

She testified that Siwale told her that asking him to break up with their sister in-law was like challenging him to climb Mount Kilimanjaro.

However, Siwale accused Mfune of denying him conjugal rights.

“Abakashi bandi balantana ichupo, even us having our two children yalifye kakupapata (My wife denies me sex, even for her to get pregnant with our two children, I had to beg for sex),” he said.

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