A man who is believed to have the world’s biggest penis has made a cheeky joke about the size of his member by comparing it to a cucumber.

Jonah Falcon, from New York, came to the world’s attention more than 20 years ago when he claimed his phallus was an eye-watering 13.5 inches long when erect.

This claim clearly leaves itself open for a slew of jokes when walking down the fruit and vegetable aisle in the supermarket.

Not wanting to disappoint his Instagram followers, Jonah held up a cucumber to compare it to his own.

He wrote:

“Am a little longer and much, much thicker.”

Jonah compared his penis to a cucumber, only his is "a little longer and much, much thicker"
Jonah compared his penis to a cucumber, only his is ‘a little longer and much, much thicker

The comments were filled with people posting laughing crying emojis about the cheeky quip.

American Jonah says his penis was a whopping eight inches long at the age of just 10.

Because of how much blood flows to his penis when it becomes erect, it can cause him to feel light-headed.

Some of the words used to describe Jonah’s member by those who have seen it in all their glory include “grotesque”, “gorgeous”, “hideous” and “stunning”.

Jonah has said previously:

“I was 10. That was the first time I ever measured and I did it for the same reason that all the other boys did it.

“I didn’t think much of it, I looked at myself and said: ‘Whatever’.

“All my friends knew that I was large, but they never let me know that they knew, so they were talking about it behind my back.”

But Jonah, who was an aspiring actor, said his large member impacted on his career because he is “known for his penis size” and it made directors afraid to cast him.

Jonah's penis is reportedly 13.5 inches long when fully erect
Jonah’s penis is reportedly 13.5 inches long when fully erect (Image: jonahfalcon1970 / Instagram)

He added: “Maybe in the UK or Germany it might help my career but here in Hollywood it’s a negative.

“None of the major networks or studios would hire me. I add a bit extra edge that they don’t want.”

Jonah has previously turned down offers to perform in porn movies because it would be “just the easy way out”.

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