The Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) has said it will not proceed in interviewing former President Peter Mutharika on the alleged abuse of his duty-free benefits.

The development follows Mutharika’s move to remain silent on the matter.

ACB Director General Martha Chizuma said the bureau was now pursuing other legal means that would make the former president provide his side of the story.

“We are no longer pursuing the interview because the former president has been exercising his right to remain silent so we are using other legal means which are already in process,” said Chizuma.

The ACB chief said the 21-day time frame would end this week and that from there the bureau will decide on how to proceed.

The cement saga and alleged abuse of Mutharika’s taxpayer identification number led to the arrest of his personal bodyguard Norman Chisale and former chief of staff Peter Mukhito.

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