No doubt she has the plug and her energetic performances are just out of this world. However, the people’s favorite exotic dancer, Zodwa Wabantu is trending after a viral video of her performance flooded social media.

the viral video, Zodwa is seen being sexually abused whilst performing.

A young man is seen trying to force his hands into Zodwa’ pants. The viral video has since got people talking. Well, Zodwa kept her cool as her bouncer’s dealt with the issue.

However, in the wake of the daring incident, people is more than concerned.

Video: Mzansi reacts to a viral video of Zodwa Wabantu being fingered during a performance
Its a well-known fact and it has become her trademark that Zodwa is known for dancing pantless or dressing almost unclad for her shows, and in videos shared, she gives the crowd-free access to touch her body, but the man in the video went as far as fingering the dancer’s private part.

Mzansi has it that the unidentified young man did is uncalled for, and hideous.

Here are some of the comments that flooded social media in the wake of the incident.

Video: Mzansi reacts to a viral video of Zodwa Wabantu being fingered during a performance
Kumkani_Sibu @Sbuda_Love, “Just because Zodwa did not act on it, doesn’t she did not have a problem with it. Just that sometimes female artist avoid always having such that end with drama, and spoil everyone’s night just because of one pervert. She most probably cried / felt emotional alone backstage.
Thabang Ndube @NdubeThabang, “Gents, I hope y’all realise that Zodwa wasn’t really laughing.”
Call me Thabo @Callmethaboo2nd, “Not this one tryna Finga fxck Zodwa Zodwa just laughed it off.”
Josef Stalin @KoketsoGivenchy, “Zodwa low key enjoyed that🤣😭, why didn’t she react, it took her 8 seconds to react😭
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