This trending video shows the moment a man came home announced just when his wife was having fun with her lover in the swimming pool.

The cheating woman had invited her boy to their luxurious home, not knowing that her husband would come back home without her knowledge.

Her husband arrived just when they were in the swimming pool getting cozy and when they realized things would turn ugly, they acted fast to avoid being caught.

The man, who risked his life by going to a married woman’s house, almost drowned in the swimming pool while hiding from his side chic’s husband.

Although he managed to escape, he will live to tell the story.

A video of a young lady said to be a side chic running for her dear life after the wife of her married lover returned home announced has emerged.

The lady jumped from the 4th floor of a high-rise building, fortunately, she landed on the roof of a car.

In the viral video, the middle-aged lady is seen rubbing her back in pain, an indication that she was hurt

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