Gospel musician Onesimus has caused stir on social media after he was caught on camera carrying out a Rambo stunt by kicking his fan while performing at his homecoming concert yesterday at Lilongwe Golf Club.

In a trending video clip, The Solomoni hit maker was giving out his best on stage when a seemingly fan tried to get hold of him a development which did not please Onesimus.

Instead of continuing with his performance, Onesimus went back to the person and kicked him before his security personnel intervened and contained him from causing further harm on the alleged fan.

Onesimus’ reaction has therefore attracted different views of which a number of people are criticizing him.

One user Felix C Kamkwamba commented “this is really bad, as a celebrity you should expect this, moreover people love you dude. You have shown a selfish behavior,”

“He must apologize otherwise we will not allow him to do or participate at any show in our Nyasaland,” Yamz Yung Banda said.

Concurring with the two, Ziki Mwale said he was not expecting what Onesimus has done considering the fact he is a follower of a well-known man of God prophet Shepherd Bushiri whom he considers his spiritual son.

The stunt has also caused fans to drag in the Commotion that was created between Onesimus and Patience Namadingo as people started comparing the two in behavior wise.

According to Pemphero Msangaambe, Namadingo is better that Onesimus arguing that he only fights with words not kicking people around.

Justice Mang’anda commented “Namadingo is better.”

Another user Mercy Madzi Akaola said she is deleti9ng all songs of Onesimus form her phone while seeking forgiveness from Namadingo for ditching him for Onesimus while admitting that she is a “prodigal daughter”

It is not clear if Onesimus will apologize or not.

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