There’s a certain urgency that comes with getting pregnant once you’re ready to start a family.

You might have never wanted it up until that point, but the minute you want to start having biological children, waiting is the last thing you want to be doing (especially for women)

Here are some tips I have compiled to improve your chances of getting pregnant sooner rather than later.

(1) Carry your Doctor along

I find that it’s usually best to get your Doctor involved from the beginning. This is because it helps to know that you and your partner are fertile enough and also physically able to begin this next chapter of your lives.

Your Doctor will most likely place you on folic acid as well, to reduce the risk of birth defects. Also, if any problems are detected by your Doctor, treatment can begin sooner rather than later.

Fortunately, most causes of Infertility can be treated so you shouldn’t be afraid to get tested by your Doctor.

(2) Monitor your cycle

Dear woman, an important thing to do is to ensure that you’re having s*x at the right time in your cycle.

No matter what you do, ensure that you’re having sex around the time you’re ovulating. This is usually 12-16 days before your period starts.

This is usually harder to predict in women who don’t have regular cycles. I recommend using an Ovulation predictor kit or app.

(3) Have regular s*x

Doctors recommend having s*x 3 times a week at least, if you’re looking to get pregnant. This s*x should be vaginal, unprotected and ejaculatory in nature.

So, make sure that you aren’t using any form of protection or birth control, and also make sure that the sperm enters the vagina. After sex, it’s a good idea for the woman to lie in bed for about 15 minutes.

There’s no need to raise your legs or put them on a wall though. The aim is to get pregnant, not to join Egbé (attend a Witches meeting)

(4) Choice of lubricants

Some lubricants have been noticed to reduce sperm motility and viability. Please avoid using saliva, KY jelly, Petroleum jelly and Olive oil.

Also, avoid lubricants that have any of these ingredients: Glycerin, silicone, flavoring, any kind of sugar, preservatives like parabens, propylene glycol, benzocaine, antibacterial agents like chlorhexidine gluconate, and spermicide, usually called nonoxynol-9 (N-9)

Good fertility lubricants include Pre-seed, canola & mineral oil.

(5) Mind your Age (Especially for women)

A woman’s peak fertile years are between her late teens and her late 20s.

From the age of 30, her fertility starts to decline and this decline gets faster from 35 years. But this is just a general occurrence : There are plenty women who have gotten pregnant in their late 30s and even 40s.

So, don’t fret. Just keep taking the right steps and working closely with your Doctor.

(6) Maintain a healthy body and mind

We all know that we should make healthy life choices, but what you may not know is that doing so improves your chances of getting pregnant.

So, feed on healthy food (also remember to take adequate amounts of folic acid), get adequate rest, reduce your caffeine intake, get physically active, maintain a healthy weight, cut out/reduce alcohol and quit smoking. Also, be patient with yourself and keep doing the right things.

I wish you all the best!

Toluwani Binutu is a Medical Doctor based in the UK. With experience in a wide range of specialties, from Emergency medicine to Health insurance , he is passionate about wellness. He believes that the key to living your best life lies in your ability to stay healthy.

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