Malawians have taken to the social media to blame officials working at the National Assembly over the death of former Deputy Speaker Clement Chiwaya.

Chiwaya shot himself to death earlier today at Parliament building in the capital Lilongwe.

According to inside sources, Chiwaya after leaving parliament, he purchased his official vehicle as part of the benefits but that parliament was yet to release the said vehicle.

He took the complaint to the office of the Ombudsman which, in May this year, ordered parliament to release the vehicle but this was yet to happen.

After the news many people invaded Malawi Parliament’s facebook page to expresses their sadness over the conduct of some top officials in government departments.

One of the concerned citizens identified as Tawina Mengezi Phiri: “The useless bureaucracy of your institution has cost a life. Change. Change for better.”

Concurring with Phiri’s remarks Mavuto Kambochola Banda wrote: “Bureaucracy is costing so many lives in our beautiful country…the educated elitists are suffocating development and progress deliberately and shamelessly.”

On the other hand Zak Dw has asked for an investigation over the matter.

“This MUST be investigated thoroughly and if what drove Dr Chiwaya to shoot himself is the result of incompetence, negligence and political interference by the current government and it’s officials, heads must roll.

“Parliament should be held accountable for criminally handling his benefits request process. This shooting sounds like a silent protest. He complained of being looked down upon because of his “DISABILITY”. Civil rights organizations must intervene and investigate who made contrary decisions to the recommendations of the ombudsman. That person must immediately be suspended!,” wrote Zak Dw.

Meanwhile Parliament is yet to comment on the matter.

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