WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram servers are down at the moment.

People have been unable to exchange WhatsApp messages. Instagram and Facebook websites are not opening on web browsers.

Several users on Twitter and other social media websites are reporting the outage.

The outage is being reported at least since 5:20 pm CAT in Malawi on Monday, October 4.

Facebook’s WhatsApp and Instagram faced a similar outage earlier this year on March 19 when the messaging and photo-sharing apps faced mass outrage in most parts of the world.

At that time, users faced issues logging in, sending, and receiving messages on instant messaging and social media platforms.

Facebook Inc had said its services were being affected by a number of issues.

Nearly a million people across the world had reported problems with its photo-sharing app Instagram.

Experts are reporting it as a DNS problem. Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram users are also reporting issues in the UK.

As per Downdetector, the first reported outage of WhatsApp was at 5:39 pm. For Facebook, it mentions the first report as 5:54 pm.

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