Management team of South Africa’s top musician Makhadzi has announced that the songbird will come with her own photographer for the Hangout Music Festival in Salima which is slated for next month.

The decision was reached in reaction with a viral semi naked pictures of the songbird taken by Presidential Photographer Ras Peter Kansengwa at Sand Music Festival in Mangochi.

According to the management team they resorted to bring their own camera person for Makhadzi to avoid irresponsible photographing.

Confirming the news, one of the organizers of Hangout Music Festival Wachipeta said they received the communication from Makhadzi’s management team that their artist will have her own photographer who will be taking pictures of her.

According to Wachipeta, no Malawian photographer will be allowed to be near to the stage when Makhadzi will be performing but fans will be allowed to take pictures using their phones.

Adding to that Ras Kansengwa has been banned from entering Kabumba premises during the show.

The Music Hangout Festival will take place from November 5 – 7, 2021 at Kabumba Hotel in Salima and Makhadzi is one of the headliners of the event.

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