An anonymous woman with no arms has warmed the heart of many on social media after doing all house chores including her body upkeep all by herself.

In the video going viral and inspiring netizens, the lady could be seen preparing her food though she has no arm and I must say, her technique is mind-blowing.

She’s also seen in the video brushing her hair and wearing her clothes and it might shock you to know that she does it all with her leg.

Aside from the amazing things she does all by herself in the house, she also goes all out working without letting her disability get in the way of her life.

The story of this armless woman has proven that disability is not inability and the video has received positive and multiple reactions on the internet.

Some gathered comments about the video will indeed motivate this armless woman to push harder.

Below are some comments;

@mbonisi1996 said: “God is amazing.” @rustbukt_jku wrote: “She cooks and eats better than I do.”

@lisa_elin_cheetahead commented: “Great reminder bit of how lucky I am, but how amazing we are as humans. People always say “omg I could NEVER do that!” But you could. We’re all more adaptable then we think. Women like her show us what’s already in us. Huge gratitude for the inspiration.”

@redphoenix1688 said: “God is good. Thank You God.”

@peterscouse wrote: “She’s a better cook with her feet than I am with my hands…”


Well, I guess you’ve watched the video, share with us your thought in the comment box below.

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