For the sake of convenience and smooth running of your daily activities, there are a group of people whose availability as and when you need them makes life a bit easy to go by. Let us jump right into them.

TAXI DRIVERSNot everyone is able to use modern applications on smartphones to hail taxis, besides they may not be readily available at certain times. That is when regular taxi drivers come in handy.

If you are friends with some taxi drivers, you may be able to access them even at odd times because of the good rapport you share with them. In cases of medical emergencies, especially at odd times, taxi drivers come in handy, of course that is when you do not have a car.

In certain situations where they are not able to attend to you, they can easily recommend others for you.

Get a taxi driver friend and treat them well, they will be of great help to you.

MOBILE AGENTSMobile Money agents are also very important in this regard. When you have a friend who is into this business and there is mutual respect and trust, they can be of great help to you in times of need. We can run out of money at any time.

In other situations, we can lose our money and find ourselves in a situation where we need to transact a monetary deal.

The agents come in handy. However, as has been mentioned, there should be a high level of trust, with the agent knowing that you would not default payment.


They come in very handy especially in domestic issues. How many times have we not gone to town and return only to realize that we have misplaced our keys or our door lock is damaged and needs immediate replacement? A single call out to a carpenter would have us sorted in no time.


Need I say more on this? One moment a fuse blows, the next we are experiencing a low current or in some cases a total blackout in just our homes.

Electricity is dangerous and we do not attempt to even identify which problems we have. A phone call to an electrician in our neighborhood would either have the problem solved or a diagnosis made with a suggested remedy.

Get their numbers.

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