A woman believed to be the oldest person to ever walk the earth and also the last surviving woman who was born in the 19th century has sadly passed away.

Francisca Susano, who was fondly called Lola Iska, died on Monday night, Nov. 22, at her home in the Philippines.

She was reportedly 124 years old, making her the oldest person ever.

The local government in her hometown of Kabankalan, in Negros Occidental, confirmed the news on social media.

On Facebook, the City Government of Kabankalan said: “It is with sadness in our heart when we received the news that our beloved Lola Francisca Susano passed away early this Monday evening November 22.

“Lola Iska is considered the oldest person in Negros Occidental and the Philippines.

“Mayor Pedro Zayco, Vice Mayor Raul Rivera and all city officials, as well as all the people of Kabankalan City, condoles and prays with the family of Lola Iska in their period of bereavement.

“Lola Iska will always remain as our inspiration and pride.”

According to officials, this supercentenarian was the world’s only surviving person born in the 19th century.

Documents show that she was born on September 11, 1897.

It is believed that Lola survived this long by having a healthy diet that mainly consisted of vegetables and a little meat with no pork. She also credited not drinking alcohol as playing a big role in her long life.

So far, authorities are unsure about the cause of Lola’s death, according to city public information officer Jake Carlyne Gonzales, who spoke to CNN Philippines. However, it is unlikely that the cause of her death was Covid-19, as she showed no outward symptoms of the illness.

According to local officials, Lola’s age surpassed previous record holders by nearly two years, though independent sources were not able to verify this claim before her death.

As recently as this September, the Guinness World Records was still going over the documents needed for her to be officially declared as the world’s oldest person.

Currently, the official record holder for the oldest person to ever live belongs to Jeanne Calment who was born in 1875 and lived to be 122 years and 164 days old.

Her age was independently verified as the Frenchwoman passed away in 1997 after outliving both her daughter and grandson.

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