The Centre for Public Accountability (CPA) has questioned the Malawi government decision to settle for Mike Tyson a brand ambassador for Malawi’s industrial Cannabis.

In a statement signed by the Centre’s Acting Director Kondwani Munthali, the grouping argues that Tyson is a sex offender, hence his ambassadorship would compromise the country’s branding.

The CPA has further described the move as a great embarrassment to the Government and the people of Malawi as Tyson’s record contradicts the country’s efforts to curb violence against women.

Yesterday, Ministry of Agriculture, wrote prominent former World Heavyweight Boxing Champion Mike Tyson to be a brand ambassador for industrial and chemical cannabis which will be produced in the country.

A letter to Tyson, which has been signed by Agriculture Minister Lobin Lowe, said the partnership is aimed at creating a profitable means of promoting the local industrial hemp to the world.

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