Man Discovers That He Married His Blood Sister After 14 Years Of Marriage


An American couple caused a stir on social media some months ago. The couple revealed that they discovered they are siblings after 10 years of marriage with two kids.

Their announcement was made on the video-sharing social network site Tik Tok. In the short video, the husband can be seen saying that he and his wife have been together for 14 years and they now have two kids together only to find out recently that they are siblings.

“I met this lady in 2008, we got married in 2011, We had our first child in 2011. We had our second child in 2015. We’ve been married 14 years, we’ve been together for 13. We’ve just recently found out we are brothers and sisters”

No further detail was revealed as to how they made the discovery or their decision after learning the shocking news. However, the video blew up in just 72 hours with thousands of likes and over 7,000 comments.

Some internet users were perplexed as to how such a thing could have occurred. They wanted to know if the couple’s families attended the wedding or if they get together for family reunions. Others expressed their sympathies with the couple and worried how they would handle such a surprising discovery.

Others were less forgiving, claiming that by simply glancing at each other, the two should have realized they were connected. Some people questioned why the two were disclosing such a private aspect of their lives to the public, claiming that some things should be kept private.

“There’s nothing you can do now but continue being married pray about it” – Nolwazi Lwazisana Ze

“Your not the only ones I just found out that my husband and I are cousins we have been married 30 years so sad parents need to be honest” – victoriafowler55

“I could have saved you the trouble after seeing both of you together. You didn’t find it odd that you look JUST ALIKE??” – D Dixon

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