3 reasons women do not orgasm as much as men


There is an obvious gap in the rate at which men and women orgasm.

A research carried out by the Archives of S*xual Behaviour in 2017 with a sample size of 52,588 adults with different sexual orientations came up with interesting data on the orgasm gap between women and men.

From the sample size; those who experience orgasm during sexual intercourse 95% of the time were heterosexual men and only 65% of heterosexual women experience dorgasm.

The gap is so wide that gays, lesbians and bisexuals scored higher than heterosexual women in the orgasm chart.

Some say female orgasms are better than men’s, but what is the point if it is few and far between? Some women have never even experienced orgasms. Why is this so?

Experts have said that the lack of knowledge of the clitoris is why women do not experience sexual pleasure.

The part of a woman’s reproductive organ that experiences s*xual pleasure is not the vagina but the clitoris and the vulva.

The external part of the clitoris has about 8,000 nerve endings and it gets erect just like a penis would.

A man cannot engage in intercourse without an erection, and in the same vein, a woman shouldn’t without proper clitoral stimulation.

Research carried out by the Journal of S*x & Marital Therapy discovered that 36% of 1000 women who had clitoral stimulation achieved orgasm and only 18% could without such stimulation.

Oral s*x and other s*xual activities like deep kisses, s*x toys and foreplay during and before intercourse can cause women to orgasm more.

Another issue that decreases the percentage of women who orgasm is cultural issues that surround s*x and s*xuality. Women are more conservative about s*x and hardly understand their bodies, communicate their needs or embrace their s*xual needs and desires.


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