Former President and People’s Party (PP) Leader Dr. Joyce Banda, has finally met Oyanda Nyama Banda, a girl whose picture while dressed up as her went  viral on Social media.

Earlier in the week, Banda could not hide her amusement upon coming across the picture of young Onyanda rocking the former ruling PP regalia with the caption “Her Excellency President Onyanda Nyama Banda”, prompting the former leader to appeal to the general public to help her locate the young girl.

Today, Banda has revealed that she met her little friend.

“I found her at last and I was honored to receive her together with her parents, school director, and her teachers,” Banda said.

She explained that Oyanda’s attire was part of the Black History Month Commemoration at her school and students were required to wear attires representing five former presidents of Malawi. Oyanda was Malawi’s 4th President Joyce Banda.

“I was amazed to listen to the speech she gave at the event as she recited it to me,” said Banda adding that she wants to continue to be in the life of the child.

Joyce Banda served as vice president of Malawi from 2009 to 2012 and president from 2012 to 2014.

She was the first woman to serve as head of state anywhere in Southern Africa.

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