Kenya Ranked Sixth Most Beautiful Country In The World


A new global report has ranked Kenya among the top 10 most beautiful countries in the world. The ratings were analysed based on natural features like Volcanoes, Coral reefs, tropical rainforests and Glaciers.

From the report, Kenya has eight volcanoes, five ultra prominent mountains, 630 square Kilometres of coral reefs area, 411 protected areas, 536 kilometres coastline length, 170,887 square kilometres of tropical rainforest and 28 glaciers.

On the other hand, Tanzania beat Kenya with 3 volcanoes, eleven ultra prominent mountains, 3,580 square kilometres of coral reefs area, 836 protected areas, 1,424 kilometres of coastline length, 387,944 square kilometres of tropical rainforest and 75 glaciers.

With a rating of 7.77, Indonesia was found to be the most nice-looking country in the world ahead of New Zealand (7.27), Colombia (7.16), Tanzania (6.98), Mexico (6.96) and Kenya.

France, the United States of America, Japan, and Australia were placed eighth, 12th, and 15th respectively.
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