Talented makeup artist and self-described illusionist, Aurelio Sanchez, has been getting a lot of online attention for his ability to transform into celebrities like Mariah Carey or Shakira.

Aurelio Sanchez has always had a thing for impersonating people and film characters, but it wasn’t until one day, at age 18, when he acted out a character for his mom, that he knew that was what he wanted to do with his life. He went on to study makeup and used this newfound knowledge to fulfill his dream, turning himself into doppelgangers of celebrities like legendary Mexican singer, Selena, Oscar-nominated actress and singer, Lady Gaga, Mariah Carey, and many more.

A few years back, a client of Sanchez asked him to impersonate Mariah Carey, and the project turned out so well that the dive became one of his most popular characters, one that he has constantly tweaked over time, to the point where you now have to really pay attention that you are not in fact looking at the real Mariah Carey.

Sanchez has picked up a variety of makeup techniques and tricks over the years, which have allowed him to transform into all these celebrities. But despite his mastery of makeup, it still takes the young artist several hours to complete the illusion.

“I am always learning new techniques, methods, and product knowledge to further expand my creative process in bringing these illusions to life,” Sanchez told Allure Magazine. “I receive messages every day from beautiful, inspiring people who ask me to teach them what I do — one day soon I hope to do so and help keep the art of makeup and illusions alive through generations.”



Aurelio Sanchez is not the first makeup artist to use his talents to impersonate celebrities. A couple of years ago we featured, Elliot Joseph Rentz, aka Alexis Stone, an influencer from the UK, and then there was He Yuhong, a beauty blogger from China, and TikTok phenomenon, @gilianisme.


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