Details have emerged indicating that Malawi Police has summoned former Minister of Mining Rafik Gaffar of R Gaffar Transport for a series of death threats he has been making to Asian communities in the country especially the management of Crossroads Hotel.

Gaffar is said to be a bitter person with the success of Crossroads Hotel management and his bitterness has been apparent through a series of fights with the Asian community that sides with the Crossroads team in the country to the point of issuing death threats.

According to our investigations, Gaffar was recently at the newly opened state of art restaurant called Bai in Lilongwe where he cause a scene that shocked everyone present.

Our source says Crossroads Hotel director number 5, Muntazeer Sacranie, also known as Monty, was at Bar as well with his family.

“Monty’s children were running around and playing at the restaurant by the playing area, till suddenly Gaffar emerged and started shouting at the innocent child,” said the source.

The source added that Gaffar, upon seeing the innocent children playing, started shouting at them, ordering them to move out of the place even though the children didn’t do anything wrong.

“He blew up and told the innocent children to ‘shut the fuck up and get the hell out of here. This is not your crossroads. This is a restaurant. Have your parents not taught you any manners. Bloody idiots’. I was shocked because his red eyes showed that he really meant what he was saying,” said our source who was there at Bai.

Other people, we have interviewed confirmed that Monty could not react to Gaffar’s provocation fearing that he would do something that would warrant being arrested.

However, our sources added, Monty’s wife, Mehreen, couldn’t hold it and went up to Gaffar and dared him to stop, something that caused a scene—thank God the public intervened to calm the matter.

It is said that the visibly embarrassed Gaffar had no option but to leave the place. Our sources indicate that Gaffar tried to call several government officials to threaten and lay charges against Monty’s wife for standing up to him.

People who know Gaffar say he has always been a bully among the Asian community and recently his resolve has been to target Crossroads Hotel management because of the success of their business.

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