South Africa’s reality TV show Big Brother Mzansi evictee Venus opens up about certain issues that made her trend on social media.

Big Brother Mzansi evictee Venus has addressed those viral moments of her adjusting her wedgie on live television, sparking a hygiene debate among fans of the show.

Venus, real name Thobeka Mtshali, and Naledi “Nale” Mogadime are the latest housemates to be eliminated from the reality TV show, with eight contestants left after Sunday night’s double eviction.

Venus rose to popularity on social media for having more than one love interest on the show, plus some users picking up her habit of being caught on camera scratching her butt or picking her nose.

“Oh, my word, people saw that? You know what? Okay, let me explain, I could’ve chosen better when it came to my underwear, it was always giving me a wedgie on a regular basis, so I had to keep adjusting it. And unfortunately, there was nowhere to hide,” Venus said.

“Now, in terms of picking my nose, I am obsessed with having a very clean nose. The minute I feel like it’s filling up, I have to clean it… I think it’s a human thing to do. I mean, everyone has that bad habit, right?”

The 26-year-old from Richards Bay said her time in the Big Brother Mzansi house was eventful. Her in-house romance with B.U and Themba got many viewers talking.
B.U promises to wait for Venus ‘outside’

Big Brother evictee wants to make a name in amapiano and hip hop.

“My strategy at first was for people to fall in love with my personality. I had plans to be a friend to those who needed someone to talk to. Of course, I started connecting with certain people in the house and some romantic,” Venus said.

“Both Themba and B.U are really good people – getting to know them on a personal level was a nice experience. I can’t really choose who I liked the most because they’re both different people.”

Big Brother evictee Naledi “Nale” Mogadime plans to pursue her modeling career.

When asked how she felt about B.U’s decision to wait for her, Venus expressed how sweet and thoughtful a gesture it was but things might be different now that they are all outside the Big Brother house.

“I told B.U my initial plans coming into the house was not to look for love and he fully understands that. Things might be different now that we’re both outside but I don’t know what will happen… I guess time will tell,” Venus said.

Speaking of her future plans, Venus plans to drop a music album and pursue her singing career.
Nale was also grateful for her Big Brother Mzansi experience. She described it as a “once in a lifetime opportunity”.

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