There is a possibility that some parts of Southern region could be hit by hunger this year due to the disaster that have destroyed a lot in the fields causing low food crops obtained.

Farmers in Mchemera village T/A Juma in Mulanje district that the reporter of this publication talked to confirmed that  they are likely to yield low outcome.

The farmers cited this year’s disasters such as cyclone Anna and Gombe as the main factors.

Annie Kalako, a farmer in the village complained that due to this year’s devastating storms she will not be able to produce enough food as compared with previous years.

“This year is very different with the other years, there is hunger this year and if care is not taken we are going to die with hunger in the southern region, people have started harvesting but there is no sign of surplus food”, Kalako said.

She added that she received subsidy coupon  to buy fertilizer but only CAN fertilizer was available at ADMARC while 23:24:0+4s was scarce to the extent that she was forced to apply one type of fertilizer.

Cecelia Nadirosi, another farmer in the community said she decided to uproot the maize which did not do well and replace with sweet potato and soya beans so that she could at least have something to sell in order to have money for  buying the food stuffs because relying on maize only could be a great loose.

“I was one of the persons who planted with the first rains in this community but all my crops got burnt due to the prolonged hot sun, I was terrified looking at my crops I did not know what to do then I thought of uprooting the maize crop and plant sweet potato and soya beans”, she explained.

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