Meet The 3 Year Old Girl Who Has Powers & Can Heal Sicknesses & Cast Out Demons From People [Video + Photos]


The people of a particular community in Tanzania were shocked after discovering that a 3 years old girl known as Eunice Julius Utieno has supernatural powers and can heal sicknesses and cast out demons from the possessed. This got the attention of Afrimax English they had to go to the community to see for themselves.

According to reports from the community and the parents of the little girl, the girl heals every sickness no matter how severe it is. During an interview with Afrimax English, Eunice’s parents disclosed that she wasn’t born with those supernatural powers, they narrated how the little girl got her powers.

They said that Eunice was playing with her mates one particular afternoon when she said she’s hearing a voice calling her name, and it was her mother calling her. Her mates told her that they are not hearing her mother’s voice calling her, but she insisted that she was hearing the voice of her mother calling her. She started moving towards the alleged voice that was calling her. Instead of her moving in the direction of her house, she was moving toward the mountain.

Her mates thought she was losing it, they tried to drag her back, but she overpowered them and headed straight to the mountain top. She headed straight to the mountain where the smoke was, then she entered the smoke which covered her. In a few minutes, she came out and went into a quiet place to pray alone. Everyone was shocked at Eunice’s sudden behavior. The girl and her parents are Catholic church members.

After that weird incident that day, Eunice changed and started praying for people who are sick for healing. After praying for a sick person, he will get healed  immediately, she’s healed a lot of people in the community with different ailments. With what the people were seeing, they believed the little girl has been given a supernatural power from above. She heals people by pouring water on their heads (she calls the water holy water) or placing her hands on their heads as you can see in the photos.

People who meet her for healing always go home healed and whole, she also casts out demons outta people who are possessed, and she also heals mad people too. The old and young come to her for healing despite her being just a 3-year-old girl. She does it free of charge, she also said that Mother Mary is her mother while Jesus is her brother, this means it was Mother Mary that called her on the mountain that day she got her power. On several occasions, she’s spotted praying on top of the mountain all alone for hours, the community and her parents said.

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