An Auto Mechanic, identified as Gordon Osei in Juaso paid a sex worker in Juaso with a fake gold after he slept with the young woman.

According to Kessben FM/TV’s reporter in Juaso, the mechanic met the woman at a drinking spot in Juaso where they agreed to go home to continue with the fun in bed.

After buying some drinks and meat for the lady at the drinking spot, they got along very well and requested to take the sex worker home.

The lady who has been identified as Ama Agyeiwaa initially was dragging her feet but later agreed and told the mechanic they should rather go to her room instead of the guy’s room on the agreement that after sleeping with him, he will give her GHC 200.00

The guy had no other choice but had to kowtow to the terms of the sex worker and he followed the sex worker to her room to enjoy himself.

After the enjoyment, the sex worker asked for her money to be paid but the mechanic told him that he did not have cash on him which he insisted he would be paying via mobile money.

She subsequently told the sex worker that he did not have enough money on his Mobilemoney therefore the sex worker should take some gold in his bag and keep it as collateral for the time being.

Days after, the sex worker reached out to the mechanic for his money to be paid to him but the guy insisted that he can keep the gold to cover for the charges of the sex.

The excited sex worker then informed his mother of how she had gotten a gold which brought some good news to the family. An uncle of the sex worker was informed and the family converged asking the sex worker to go and bring the gold.

After examining what the sex worker brought, it was found out that by the uncle it was a fake gold but a mere stone which had been polished in a golden colour.


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