Amber Heard Loses Her Cool As Depp’s Lawyer Brought Up Her 2009 Arrest For Slapping Girlfriend


Camille Vasquez, Johnny Depp’s attorney, concluded her cross-examination, referencing allegations that Amber Heard had hit her ex-GF Tasya Van Ree in 2009.

At the time of the incident, two officers allegedly saw how Heard smacked Van Ree in the arm, and yanked her necklace off, which led to arrest but then the charges were quickly dropped.


“Johnny Depp isn’t the only partner of yours that you’ve assaulted,”Vasquez pointed out.


But Heard insisted: “I’ve never assaulted any partner. I’ve never assaulted Mr. Depp or any other person I was romantically linked to, ever.” Vasquez then responded: “No further questions, your Honor,”wrapping up the two days of cross-examination.

Earlier, the attorney had asked the Aquaman actress why James Franco visited her LA Penthouse in May 2016, after a fight with Depp that saw the final strand in their marriage.

Source; GreenLemon

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Flora Mitumba


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