Keturah Resurfaces


Malawi’s songbird Keturah Milimo also known as The Local Girl has re-appeared after almost a month of being offline from social media platforms.

Keturah disappeared last month after she made a shocking revelation that she is dating social media influencer and write Pemphero Mphande in a less than two minutes Facebook video live.

“Hi guys, my name is Keturah and I would like to tell you the truth about Pemphero Mphande. Please listen carefully, Pemphero and I are dating,” said the local girl.

Soon after the video, Keturah missed in action and Mphande never commented on her confession let alone said anything about Keturah.

Today, Keturah made her way back online with a lengthy statement introducing herself and how her music journey started.

She did not say anything about the video and the confession she made.

Read the full statement below…


Let me humbly introduce myself

My name is Keturah

“I grew up in Mwanza. My uncle was a singer and a good guitarist, he used to play music in the markets – and I would be the vocalist, as early as when I was 9 years old… We played local music, Malawian music, from the villages. This is how I started learning music.”

“I remember one day we went to a church function, where i was singing. At the end of the function, an old man came to meet me and told me: ‘When you sing, i feel something different. You will become something big, one day. You will sing for the world.” I was really astonished to hear that, as i had never thought of music as a career. But from that point on, I started thinking about it.”

“I started writing my own songs in primary school. I loved writing the words and composing music.”

“I believe in culture. My mother was a natural woman who believed in culture and staying true to who you really are. My music is all about culture. African culture. Malawian culture.”

“My dream is to be out there one day representing Malawi and Malawian music, the music from the villages. Singing the pure music of Malawi to the world.”

And my dream begins now. Be blessed


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Flora Mitumba


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