Witchdoctor rapes manhood enlargement patient in Zambia


A 16-year-old boy of Kapiri Mposhi who visited a witchdoctor’s shrine in a bid to have an enlarged instrument reserved for urinating at his age has been raped by the traditional medicine man.

In this bizarre case which has scared fish out of the river and compelled chickens to seek refuge on braii stands, Evans Lukwesa, a traditional healer who also works part time as a tailor, is said to have sodomised the 16-year old boy in March, 2022.

Sources close to the case intimated to #Kalemba that on the fateful day, the boy visited Lukwesa’s ‘clinic’ and asked that he wanted his dudu made big like those he had seen in x-rated movies.

‘Dr’ Lukwesa then ordered the boy to undress and lie face down on a bed so that he could inject his bottom with some dudu-expanding medicine.

Alas and to the awe of the boy, the fat nine millimetre enlargement injection missed his left and right buttock and went straight in the middle, sending him into painful wailing.

However, trusting that the ‘Dr’ may be right, the boy wriggled like a worm as the medicine man delivered his manhood enlargement medicine through the boy’s anal cavity.

However, after the ordeal, the boy noticed that what had enlarged was not his external urinary pipe but his rear vent and reported to police who arrested the witchdoctor for sodomising the boy.

And sitting in the magistrates’ court, magistrate Kasongo Mulilo convicted Lukwesa for sodomy and sentenced him to seven years in jail.



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