Check Reasons Why some Women Fart When They Have Orgasm, Which Is Both Hilarious And Educational


As a s3xually active person, you might one day encounter a woman who passes wind while having an orgasm. Many ladies find this situation to be embarrassing, especially when it stinks. Some men have run to their pastors to discontinue their marriages just because their wives couldn’t stop farting during s3xual intercourse.

S3x is an intimate moment that is shared by two people, usually a man and a woman. People mostly engage in it for the intense pleasure it gives them. However, this pleasure can be ruined by excessive farting.

Is it normal for a woman to pass wind during an orgasm?

First and foremost, you are not in this boat alone. A lot of women fart from time to time during an orgasm. And it occurs more often when the orgasm is intense.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with occasional flatulence during farting. You are not suffering from any condition, and it is completely normal. The human body is very unpredictable and desperately inconvenient. If you are still wondering why you fart during that intimate moment, know that there are certain factors that can make you pass wind when having an orgasm.

One of the factors is simple digestion. This could be rectified by making some simple changes to your diet or simple scheduling. Avoid eating a dinner of gassy vegetables and foods that are high in carbs before engaging in sexual activity. Instead, have sex first to burn more calories. It can also boost your appetite to help you consume more food.

Muscle contraction can also make a woman fart during sex. If it happens only when you are having an orgasm, it’s likely due to muscle contraction. In most cases, bearing down during orgasm tends to increase intra-abdominal pressure, referred to as a Valsalva maneuver. When the abdominal pressure pushes against your rectum, the outcome is both orgasm and farting. This is odorless most of the time because your body isn’t trying to expel gas.

trapped air. There is a possibility that you might make some funny noises during sex, but this time not through the anû*s but through the vagina. This happens when some air enters the v*ginà canal and gets trapped. More thrusting will push the air out, making a fart-like noise. This can be solved by less forceful penetration, but it’s totally normal.

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