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Why you should sleep with the lights off

Most people take the issue of sleeping with lights on or off as a matter of choice and preference, not knowing that it has adverse consequences.

Science has found a link between sleeping with the lights on and the following health conditions.

If you find it difficult to sleep and wake up at intervals, it’s probably because you are not sleeping well.

Here is a doctor explaining how lights on at night make sleep better, “Light actually turns off some of the parts in the brain that tell our body it’s daytime versus nighttime. So those signals are messed up in a way, because the circadian signal is weakened, and over time, that has implications for our health.”

Blue lights from electronics like Television, phones, laptops and tabs affect sleep and affect mood negatively by causing depression, irritability and moodiness.

That’s why it is advisable to keep your room technology free.

Studies have shown that if you sleep less at night, you are more likely to eat more during the day.

Not to mention that if you stay awake at night, you are more likely to eat a lot of snacks. You might even wake up to make eba.

Sleeping late or having little sleep increases your chances of having high blood pressure, diabetes and hypertension. This is why you might turn off all devices and lights to have a sound sleep.

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