A Pentecost Pastor has been found with stolen items which are believed to be bought from a vendor at M’biza village, group headman Ndalama in Zomba distict.

Reports indicate that the pastor is fond of buying secondhand items whenever he wants to purchase anything in his house and a lot of vendors know him for his character.

According to Manuel Nkalipa, said the pastor has been doing this kind of business for over 10 years and a lot of vendor approach him if they have something to sell because he is their big customer.

“He is my pastor and a close friend for that matter, I know him very well and to make things worse i personally warned him about his behavior several times but he was not listening to me by saying God cannot allow him to buy something which was stolen but see today where his behavior has landed him into,” Nkalipa said.

Commenting on the matter, the Pastor said he was not aware that the items were stolen and was just buying them as usual without doubting his customer as he has been buying several items from him.

“I have been buying a lot of items from this vendor, Yusuf, that is the name i know him with, and this time around i have bought second hand 43 inch plasma and a microwave just to find out that they were stolen,” he said.

He added that he believes that some people have cooked the story that the items he bought were stolen with the aim of tarnishing his reputation.

“I think this is people’s doing and i believe they have win but they will not succeed in ruining the reputation that took me so long to build,” the pastor explained.

Meanwhile, the vendor has escaped.

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