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Exit Daughter Enters Mother: Zambia’s Drug Enforcement Commission Summons Former First Lady Esther Lungu

The Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC)/Anti Money Laundering Office of Zambia has summoned Esther Lungu a wife to the country’s former president Edgar Chagwa Lungu.

According to a statement seen by this publication, the summon is in relation with a plot the former first lady owns.

The statement invited Mrs. Lungu through her lawyers Makebi Zulu advocates to appear before the DEC offices today without fail.

“Take note that you are required to report to the DEC headquarters situated at plot No. 9347/8/9 along government road, Rideway today the 7th of July 2022at 11: 00 hours without fail,” read part of the statement.

Just last months, DEC summoned Tasila Lungu the daughter of the former head of state regarding her family’s property.

Over the week reports had it that government has seized the plot of the Mrs. Lungu and that she has been asking for them back.

May be an image of text that says 'DEC FANSIA REPUBLIC OF ZAMBIA DRUG ENFORCEMENT COMMISSION P/BAG 476X PLOT NO.9347/8/ GOVT. RIDGEWAY LUSAKA Date: 7h July 2022 Ms. Nyawa Esther Tembo C/O Makebi Zulu Advocates Lusaka NOTICE TO APPEAR BEFORE D.E.C/ANT MONEY LAUNDERING OFFICER (Section 26 fAc No. 4of2001) To: Nyawa Esther Tembo TAKE NOTE that you are required o Report to the DEC Headquarters situated No.9347/8/9 along Government Road, Ridgeway today the th July, 2022 without fail. Plot 11:00 hours HEAD HEAD-AMLIU AMLIU for/DIRECTOR GENERAL MARESE Ζuεህ ADVOCATES 2O. BOX $200 LUSAKA ΖΑΜΒΙΑ 07 JUL 2022 RECEIV'

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Flora Mitumba
Flora Mitumba


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