People in the country have expressed concern over dwindling developments in the country despite the country attaining its 58 Independence Day.

Faceofmalawi reporter took time to engage various people to hear their thoughts on Malawi 58th Independence Day Celebrations.

According to Masautso Maliko, a Zomba resident said he is very glad that Malawi is in its 58th year of independence but as a country has not improved in ending corruption in the government and private sectors.

“By now we would have been rejoicing that we are done with corruption but no we are at square one, and with the recent event of Satar’s case it means Malawi as a government is losing billions and billions of kwacha’s to corrupt leaders, and because of this it is very difficult to end corruption in the country,” Maliko said.

He added that the only way of dealing with corruption in the country is by allowing the law to take its charge and not backing those involved in corruption cases.

Mayamiko Banda, a Chiradzulu resident said the 58 years of independence are of books not in reality because comparing with a person of the same age, means the person is richer than the country considering to what the country is passing through at the moment.

“The economic crisis that the country is passing through is unbearable we are celebrating that it has been 58 years since we got the independence but nothing to show up in the country and it remains the poorest country in the continent with more corrupt leaders on earth,” Banda explained.

Banda said the economic crisis would have been dealt with first by coming up with solutions that would have been sustainable but instead the money that would have been in sustainability has been diverted by corrupt people in the country hence the increase in the commodities including fuel.

Margret Magalasi, Mulanje based resident said the country has not improved in the education sector because a lot of public primary school learners even those in secondary school do not speak good English and to write good English is a problem, that shows how poor education is in Malawi.

“So as a country we should focus on how to improve the education system in the country, during the time of Kamuzu government a standard 5 student would speak and write a very good English and to add on that we were given certificates for completion of standard 5 but today’s generation you can spend the whole 4 years in secondary school school but yet you cannot write good English,” Magalasi commented.

She added that she once laughed when she heard on radio news that the government was deciding to employ form four students to teach in primary schools, describing it as a lost focus when a lot of qualified teachers are suffering in the country.

“Where is that decision? A decision that would have cause education to continue going down in our public schools, sometimes it is better to ask ideas from those that are in fields working because those one’s knows better than us we seat in office the whole day doing nothing,” Magalasi concluded.

Since Malawi gained its independence in 1964, the country has not improved in many sectors of the government.

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