Watch||4-Year-Old Boy With Mysterious Spiritual Powers Made To Quit Schooling As Shrine Is Being Built For Him In Ghana


Indeed, traditional religion is something treasured by our ancestors. Today, let’s meet a four years old boy having a top spiritual power and dominion over evil spirits.

According to his father, he is building a Shrine for him as he quits school to practice the faith.” My son is very powerful. Ever since I gave birth to him, things have changed for good.

He is able to control evil spirits. He was the one who showed me the exact leaves which cures stroke. I’m building his Shrine so that he can start work soon ” The powerful boy’s father told media men in an exclusive interview.

When people questioned the father if he is not pushing the boy into child labour, the father disclosed that the spirits within his son is far powerful than child labour.

” We’re not doing this in our own will. It’s under the influence of our ancestors and we can’t stop ” The father explained.

All these while, the boy could be seen sitting on the laps of his father. Perhaps, not knowing what he intends to use him for.

You can click on the link below to watch the short interview with the powerful boy and his father

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