High School Students Caught In Rented House High, Drunk, Ready to Perform S3xual Acts


31 high school students in Nakuru county, Kenya including 11 girls and 20 boys were caught red-handed in a rented room high on drugs and ready to perform indecent acts without the school administration’s knowledge.

The house had been rented by one of them specifically to give them hostage as they perform the indecent act.

According to a police report, the 31 minors will have to report to a probation department in Naivasha for the next six months.

According to Joel Kamau, the probation officer in the Naivasha sub-county said that the students are from one all the way to form four and they age between 14 years to 18 years.

He also said that during the 6-month visit, the girls and boys will undergo counselling that would see them turn over a new leaf, they will be counselled in a group of eight.

When caught in the room the students were high and could not even find their way out, rolls of bhang, liquor and packs of condoms were found after the tiny house was ransacked.

The students had sneaked out of school and the loud music they were playing forced neighbors to alert police officers who swung into action with probation officers.

The staggering students were first escorted to the Naivasha police station before their parents were alerted.

In their response, they said they were celebrating a birthday party of one of them, they have now to pass through the counselling Pannell or else be handed back to the police.

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Flora Mitumba
Email: info@faceofmalawi.com


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