Dear Men, Stop Having S3x If You Notice Any Of These Symptoms


If you are a man with heart disease, it’s normal to be worried about having intimacy. You may be concerned about the state of your cardiovascular system and how much exertion your heart can handle. But getting back to your normal daily activities and the things that make you happy is key to maintaining your quality of life.

The primary fear regarding intimacy for most people with heart disease is being scared that having s3x will cause a heart attack. While sexual activity does increase your heart rate, it’s not something that most people with stable heart disease should worry about. In general, if you’re able to climb stairs or jog or walk a mile without difficulty, it’s safe for you to have sex.

The possibility of having a heart attack during intimacy is exceedingly low and shouldn’t scare you away. As long as you’re not experiencing any symptoms, it’s not worrisome. However, you should abstain from s3x and any heavy physical exertion until you see a doctor if you have heart disease symptoms such as:

• Chest pain.

• Shortness of breath.

• Irregular heartbeat

• Nausea or indigestion

Is there a chance of having a heart attack during s3x? Yes. Your risk is slightly elevated whenever you’re physically active, whether it’s sexual activity or going for a run or any other type of aerobic exercise, compared to when you’re resting. But for people with a stable heart, the long-term benefits of regular physical activity including s3x, far outweigh the risks.

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Amuna Misso
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