See What Happened To This Guy After He Refused To Pay Two Ladies After Nacking Them


A video has emerged on social media where two ladies were walking away from a white Polo TSI that had overturned, they were very angry and the passersby asked them what happened, what they said would leave you in stitches, they seem to have had a fight with the driver and someone else since they mentioned that they were not paid for the services they offered.

On the video, two ladies were walking away from the vehicle when they met these other vehicle and the curious passengers asked the ladies what happened, they answered angrily saying: “They slept with us and now they are refusing to pay, they are driving away with us,” they said and the person who was asked said they did the right thing, she literally said it served them right for what they did.

Social media was left buzzing when the video broke, they were making fun of the Polo driver and the two ladies, it was just a mess which was turned into a joke since that is what South African social media always do.

By the looks of things, it looks like there was a tug of war in the car, the ladies were fighting for their money which they were promised and they grabbed the steering wheels that led to the driver losing control and caused the accident.

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Flora Mitumba


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