Veteran musician Lucius Banda who is also Presidential Advisor on Youth and Arts has joined Malawians in pushing for the release of Mussa John who was slapped with 8 years jail sentence after being found with 72 plastics of Chamba.

The sentence was later reduced to 3 years by the court in Blantyre a week ago but this did not please some youths led by well-known musician Fredokiss, real name Penjani Kalua.

The youth are planning to hold demonstrations this coming Friday to force the courts to set free Mussa John.

Writing on his official facebook page Banda has suspected foul play on the case.

“The Mussa John story makes me really sad and I wish I had the authority to grant him the leniency to set him free.

“I feel that injustice was served on the young man because the same courts have given suspended sentences and fines to other people who have been convicted on similar crimes,
some even worse,” wrote Banda.

He added: “Just last week, a Nigerian national was fined K1.5 million after he was found with cocaine.

“I feel that Mussa John is paying the price for being poor. And, we Malawians, his countrymen, have treated him badly.”

Meanwhile, it is yet to be seen if the courts will bow down to the pressure.

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