A dark cloud has engulfed Area 30 in Lilongwe, sending Constables, Corporals, and Inspectors in a somber mood following the sudden death of Detective Buba, a police dog who nailed one of the most sophisticated Chinese networks of Lin Huang that was responsible for plundering Malawi of its precious wildlife.

Detective Buba, the holder of a diploma in detective work nailed the Chinese syndicates after he sniffed articles of ivory at the house of Lin Huang.

This was after human detectives had miserably failed to detect the ivory.

The brilliant dog uncovered scores and scores of ivory products and sent the Chinese into the hands of the Security agents!

The handler of detective Buba testified during the trial how Buba discovered the ivory articles.

He sent the court into laughter when he revealed that detective Buba was going to pursue a degree in detective work after the arrest.

The whole Court room went into laughter almost clapping hands for detective Buba.

Detective Buba has died at the youthful age of 6 years. He helped to bring down one of the most feared syndicates that had been plundering Malawi of wildlife products.

The King pin Lin Huang is currently serving a 7 year jail sentence at Mzuzu Prison. She was brought down by a well-coordinated string that included Financial Intelligence Authority, Police and MRA.

It is not clear if President Chakwera is going to give a medal of honor to Detective Buba for his role in the arrest and dismantling of the Lin Huang networks.

According to sources, Detective Buba died after a short illness.

The Cause of Death is not yet disclosed


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