Leader of Citizens Against Impunity and Corruption Joshua Chisa Mbele says law and order has been prevailed during today’s demonstrations in the commercial city of Blantyre.

Writing on his Facebook page Chisa Mbele said the just ended demonstrations in Blantyre were peaceful as no any form of violence has been reported.

“Peaceful Demonstrations in Blantyre. Status: Ended. No Tear-gas. No single stone thrown. No public property damage. No business looted. Law & Order prevailed,” said Chisa Mbele.

Tomorrow, the demonstrations will be carried to Lilongwe where the destinations for the protests is State House, where president Chakwera stays.

According to Chisa Mbele, they are demonstrating because they are tired of continued high cost of living and rampant corruption in government institutions.

Chisa Mbele said it is time to speak to president Chakwera the language he knows best, which is the demonstrations.

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