The young lady in viral video with alleged senior government advisor has broken the silence and trashed off the critics.

Last night social media was filled with a video and pictures of the lady and the old man flexing at one of the expensive hotels.

May be an image of 1 person and text that says 'Juleka 4min 4minutesa utes ago RESTI RESTI NT COrA म Incase u don't know what makes me happy he's he' the one mind u age is just a number my man my choice is my babe forever my perfect match my super hero cyclic dzaddy best of the best he'

The video sparked different reactions as some said she is going out with an old man.

In her response, the lady age is just a number and the man makes him happy.

“In case you don’t know what makes me happy, he is the one, mind you age is just a number. My man my choice, he is my babe forever, my perfect match,” the lady wrote while putting the old man on her WhatsApp status.

The man has not reacted yet.

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