A Guy Is Forcing Himself To Love You When You Notice These 6 Signs


Everyone dreams about having perfect romantic relationship.

We all want to meet our true love and live together happily ever after. Some people manage it.

However, there are many cases when our dreams turn to be completely different from the reality.

Unfortunately, there are cases when people do not really love their partners but keep being together with them and force themselves to love.

It sounds really weird and disgusting.

Nobody would like to live with the person who pretends to love them.

However, it happens. Some people are just desperate and don’t want to stay alone, others just stay because their partner is a great person and they should love them. Whatever the reason is, it’s awful.

The main point here is to determine this “fake love” and leave him.

You shouldn’t waste your time on staying with such an awful person.

Today we have some important information for you. Here are the signs that he might be forcing himself to love you.

He constantly asks if you want a break.

There are cases when men are just afraid to hurt your feelings and break your heart.

That’s why for some of them this task is impossible.

If he asks this question, he just wants make it seem that it is you who want to break up.

He avoids difficult topics not to make you mad.

When people make a decision to be together, they understand that there will be some difficult conversation.

It’s a part of very long-term relationship which helps people get to know each other better and keep happy relationship.

If he avoids such talks, it can mean that he doesn’t understand how important they are and doesn’t think about your common future.

You are the one that initiates everything.

In happy and strong relationship where people really love each other both partners should work on their relation.

If you are the only one who does everything possible to develop your relationship, it’s time to say good bye to your partner.

He was desperate to be in a relationship when you met.

There are people who can’t imagine something worse than being alone.

If he is one of these people and you started romantic relationship, there are very little chances that you’ll succeed.

It’s more likely that he just doesn’t want to be alone and doesn’t really love you.

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