How To Fall Back To Sleep When You Wake Up At Night With Difficulty To Sleep Again


Insomnia (difficulty in sleeping) is common among most people. However, it happens in different ways to different people.

Waking up at night and finding it hard to sleep again may happen to almost everyone once in a while, but when it comes to something that happen often, it becomes an issue of concern to those who are experiencing it.

Nonetheless, according to WebMD, there are some tips that people who find it difficult to sleep after waking up at night can follow to overcome the situation. They include but not limited to the following:

  1. Direct your attention away from the clock. Instead of gazing at the clock to know how many hours are left before dawn (which can add to the situation), you can lie down without looking at your watch.
  2. Stay away from screen. Looking at screen (television, phone, and computer) can worsen the situation, because the lights naturally send a signal to the brain that, it is already time to be awake.
  3. Switch to another room. If you wake up without sleeping back for 20 minutes, it is advisable to move to a different room.
  4. Stay away from engagements.

The temptation to get engaged into one task or the other to while away time may be there but don’t fall for it.

Doing so may further trigger you to wake up again subsequent nights, because it may have sent a wrong signal to the brain.

  1. Do a backward counting of numbers.
  2. Avoid taking contents that have caffeine before bedtime.
  3. Sleep in a room that is noise free, because, even while at sleep, the brain can still be at wake to listen to sound around you.
  4. Sleep in a cool room, because a cool room can make the body fall asleep easily than warm room.
  5. Meditate. This can be done by picturing a picture that gives happiness while you take a deep breath repeatedly in the process.

If none of the aforementioned helped, you should talk to a doctor, because, sometimes, difficulty in sleeping after waking up at night can be caused by an underlying health challenge.

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