In various occasions, Michael Jackson was named “King of Pop”. As a child, he gained an undeniable reputation as a member of the Jackson 5 alongside his brother.

He defended himself as a mature soul and pop star with the collection Crazy, which was followed by the chiller Spine, the highest collection of all time.

His music falls into the categories of pop, soul, dance and rock. Michael Jackson won 15 Grammy Awards and is said to have sold over 350 million records worldwide during his successful career.

On June 25, 2009, he died due to a toxic combination of drugs prescribed by doctors, leaving a large following of broken fans around the world. He died of a heart attack three weeks before his next appearance on stage at the age of 50.

He left behind three children, Prince, Paris and Bigi, who were twelve, eleven and seven at the time.

Where was Michael Jackson buried?

Michael Jackson was buried in Holly Patio Fabulous Catacomb in Glendale Woods Yard Commemoration Park. The cemetery is located five kilometers from Hollywood in Glendale, north of Los Angeles.

Jackson’s family was so concerned about his body that they had his final resting place in a coffin after his death. He was covered in a full stage outfit, close to the accent mark as her famous white dress.

Visitors must show identification to enter the area where Jackson is buried, which cannot be touched by the public and is surrounded by a high wall.

CCTV cameras linked to sensors are being introduced around his grave, triggering an alert to alert security officials of any trespassers.

After 13 years, see some photos of his final resting place;

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