Fight Against Corruption Gets Boost from FND’s Call for Sanctions on Officials


The Forum for Nation Development (FND) has called for harsh sanctions to be imposed on government officials in Malawi who are involved in corruption and money laundering.

This call comes in response to the recent interdiction of Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) Director Martha Chizuma, who is facing criminal charges related to leaked audio.

In a letter addressed to the heads of diplomatic missions in Malawi, FND National Coordinator Fyson Chodzi appealed for the international community’s support in the fight against corruption.

The letter requested the imposition of sanctions on individuals and organizations that are hindering efforts to combat corruption and money laundering.

The letter further stated that all those behind the plot to remove Chizuma from the ACB should be added to the sanctions list.

The FND emphasized the mutual interest between the people of Malawi and the international community, stating that both share a common goal of fighting corruption and money laundering.

This call for sanctions highlights the growing concern among civil society groups in Malawi about the continued problem of corruption and its impact on the country.

The FND’s request for international support in this fight is a crucial step towards addressing this issue and restoring trust in the government.

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