Teacher Sacked After A 14-Year-Old Girl Recorded Him Begging Her To Have ‘Bedroom Act’ With Him


Dramatic scene has been witnessed in South Africa after a male teacher finally loses his job after his attempts to take advantage of a 14-year-old girl.

The teacher was sacked after the girl recorded the teacher begging her to make out with her.

The teacher has been making several advancements to the girl for a very long period of time and the girl has been reporting the incident to her mother but nothing could be done since they lacked evidence.

The mother decided to give the daughter a cell phone to use it at school and record any bad motives from the male teacher.

The male teacher used to give the girl a ride as she goes back home. While given a lift by the teacher, the girl reveals the conversation that emanated inside the car.

The teacher turned the conversation to be vulgar as he revealed what he will do to her and how they will ‘make out together’ and he promised her that he ‘will not penetrate too much’.

At this instance, the girl was secretly recording everything and finally revealed to the other teachers.

The Education Labour Relations Council (ELRC) for South Africa found the teacher guilty and that he had ‘$exually assaulted’ the learner.

With all the evidence from the video recordings, the teacher was fired for taking advantage of 14- year-old girl.

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